Both Virtual Wallet and Virtual Wallet Student share the same set of core features, but Virtual Wallet Student also offers additional features designed especially for college students.

Virtual Wallet


Virtual Wallet Student

Spend, Reserve and Growth Accounts

Calendar + Danger Days

See your account history and upcoming payments and get warned when you may be at risk of overdrawing your account

Money Bar

Visually see how much you have in your account

Quick View

A quick summary of your account

Spending Overview

See where you spend your money by category

Wish List + Reserve Items

Save over time for future purchases and set aside money you have today for future expenses

Punch the Pig + Savings Engine

Save money with automatic savings rules

Online Bill Payment



Send a request via e-mail to get reimbursed for a purchase you made

Parent Alerts

Send the same alerts that you receive to your parents too

School Events*

See major school events on your calendar to help you match your finances to your life

Customized School Image*

*Available for selected schools only